Looking good and Feeling Great Ladies 50 and Over

Nina Bagnall has written this great ebook that explains about your body and how it operates so you can maintain better health. There is no reason why we cannot stay looking good, both inside and out; remain healthy; have vitality and energy, and keep a keen brain at age fifty and beyond. With this in mind, growing older becomes something to look forward to, rather than fear.

Here is a snippet:

2.5 million blood cells, made every second, within your bone marrow, to keep your bodysupplied with oxygen. The digestive system produces its daily 10 litres of digestive juices; breaking down the food you eat to enable it to pass through your “inside skin”- the gastrointestinal wall; 30 foot long structure, surface area the size of a small football pitch which effectivelyreplaces itself every 4 days. The health of your intestinal tract is maintained by a team of some 300 different strains of bacteria and other macro – organisms, as unique as your fingerprint, which exceed the total number of cells in the entire body. The immune system replaces its entire army every week and when under viral attack, has the capacity to produce 2 hundred thousand new immune cells every minute.

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