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About Us

Melbourne Geriatrician Group was established in 2016 by Dr Mya Tun and Shane Lucas.

Our Desire at the time was to establish an organisation that would change the dynamic of how Geriatricians were operating in the Aged Care Sector in the most positive way possible.

We visited the USA and researched implementation of Geriatricians into Aged Care as best practice and then interviewed many Aged Care Facilities managers and CC’s as well as GP’s visiting RACF’s and simply asked them to list all the things they did not like about the way the Geriatricians service was being delivered. We then set about structuring ourselves to deliver as much as we could to counter these negatives.

Some of these negatives included

  • Lack of continuity in who visited the RACF.
  • High out of pocket costs.
  • No commitment to waiting times.
  • No commitment to Geriatricians notes being returned.
  • Lack of complete and specific diagnosis.
  • No notice given for visit times.
  • Little to no engagement and coordination with Nursing staff.
  • Little to no proactive communication to family’s.
  • Little to no follow up and discharge of patient.

We feel strongly that Geriatricians should be a holistic integrated part of a RACF’s team and not just emergency medicine called apon when a patient becomes very ill.

We have structured our business around RACF’s and “Home Care Package” seniors exclusively. We only operate in these areas and therefore have a unique intellectual property of the treatment of Seniors in RACF’s and Home Care.

We have set ourselves a set of KPI’s that reflect the above and are happy to visit and RACF and outline our unique services.


You can count on us to look after your family

Melbourne Geriatrician Group is one Australia’s largest private Geriatrician Groups, with patients across more than 160 Aged Care facilities. We are formally partnered with and provide training and research partnership to, many major Aged Care Groups. We are committed to improving the quality of life and health of In home and Nursing Home Patients. We provide a no fee (bulk billed) aged care specialists services to residents of nursing homes and also retirement home in the Residential Aged Care Facility (Nursing Home) negating the need for residents to be transported to clinics or Hospitals.


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