Dr Wong is a geriatrician with over a decade of experience in care of the elderly. He specializes in a range of geriatric syndromes including dementia, delirium, falls prevention, polypharmacy, with a special interest in cognitive assessment. His focus is on a personalized and holistic approach to patient care with an emphasis on shared decision-making. … Read more

Dr Anna Sigley is a Consultant Physician specialising in Geriatric Medicine. Practicing medicine since 2001, Anna has a broad range of experience both in hospital care and in the community setting. She has worked across multiple health networks including Alfred Health, Monash Health, Melbourne Health, ACT Health and Peninsula Health. Anna is a member of … Read more

Dr Sam Hoetomo, Consultant Physician in Acute and General Medicine with special interests in complex disease management, chronic pain, cognitive impairment, falls and balance and perioperative management including Orthogeri. Sam provides his patients with an honest, compassionate, professional and holistic approach to providing quality medical services. Sam completed his Physician FRACP training in Monash Health, … Read more

Dr Reena Rau is a physician specialising in Geriatric Medicine who has worked in numerous hospitals including Austin Health, Monash Health, Prince Charles and Royal Brisbane Hospital. Her extensive experiences have involved working in various areas of internal and geriatric medicine including: Community based Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment(s) Cognitive Dementia Assessment Memory Service and Psychogeriatric Services … Read more

Dr Anika is a Consultant Geriatrician who has worked at numerous hospitals inc, Monash Health, Alfred Health, Austin Health & Northern Health. She also performed Residential InReach services at Dandenong Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Alfred Health and Northern Health. She holds FRACP and also a Clinical Diploma in Palliative Medicine. Dr Anika has run clinics … Read more

Dr. Supriya is a Consultant Geriatrician who has had experience working in many areas of Geriatric Medicine including:  Continence Service Cognitive Dementia Assessment Memory Service (CDAMS) Complex Geriatric Clinics Community-based Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments with ACAS, HITH, GITH and HARP Movement Disorder Clinic Psychogeriatric, Orthogeriatric and geriatric inpatient assessments.  She is proactive about the assessment and … Read more

I am a Consultant Geriatrician and General Physician who is passionate about a holistic approach to Geriatric care. Having had experience in both acute Geriatrics and GEM units during my Specialist training, working at Monash Health, Western Health, Bendigo Health, West Gippsland Health and Eastern Health as well as several placements in the UK. I … Read more

I am a Consultant Geriatrician and General Physician with special interest in management of chronic diseases in older people, perioperative medicine, chronic pain management and palliative care. I completed my training at multiple health networks including Monash Health, Eastern Health and Peninsula Health. I have worked in various roles including Geriatric Management and Evaluation (GEM) … Read more

Dr Chamalie practices as a competent and compassionate Physician empowered with necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to ensure excellent patient centred care for elderly population both in hospital and community setting. Dr Chamalie’s cclinical experience is in variety of subspecialties in geriatrics including inpatient , outpatient, community and residential care setting with solid exposure to, … Read more

Dr. Sheikh undertook her physician’s specialty training at Royal Melbourne and Western Health. She has special interest in Cognition / Dementia and Continence. In addition to providing care for older people with complex problems in the community, Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and management of geriatric syndromes.